Ian Butters

I only became directly involved with Devolution in 2014, managing petroleum resources, but my father would be very proud of the list of all the jurisdictions the GNWT has taken on over the years. He entered politics in 1970 (and served in public office for 20 years) with the principle motivation and prime objective of doing just this… NWT residents governing themselves.

Editor’s note: Ian’s father was Tom Butters. Tom served in the Legislative Assembly from 1970 to 1991. He was elected five times by the people of Inuvik and served in 13 different Ministerial portfolios including: Natural and Cultural Affairs; Economic Development and Tourism; Social Services; Health; Education, Justice and Public Services; Public Utilities Board; Government Services; Energy, Mines and Resources Secretariat; Housing Corporation; and Municipal and Community Affairs. Notably, Tom was Minister of Finance when the GNWT took over responsibility for the GNWT finances. Until that time the Commissioner, appointed by Ottawa, had controlled the financial portfolio. Tom worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition. It was during his tenure as Minister that Northern Residents Tax Deduction was introduced.