GNWT 50 Commemorative Project

This commemorative digital presentation is compatible with most mobile devices (IOS and Android). Any issues with viewing could be a result of the large file sizes required to download, your individual device settings, or an outdated Operating System. Connect to a reliable internet connection before viewing, and if you experience issues, update your operating system. View on a desktop computer if issues persist.

As 2017 comes to close, it is a good time to reflect on the past year and in particular, the 50th anniversary of the Government of the Northwest Territories. We are excited to share with you a digital multimedia project that celebrates 50 years of government and the contributions made by our dedicated public servants.

Click here to take a self-directed journey through the history of the GNWT. Brought together by illustrations from NWT artist Alison McCreesh, this scrapbook-like collection presents a collage of facts, personal stories, photos and videos that will both inform and entertain.

As governments go, 50 years is still quite young, but as this collection will show, the GNWT has accomplished quite a lot over this short period of time!

A special thanks to the many current and former NWT residents and GNWT employees who contributed their memories and ideas to the GNWT 50 Commemorative Project. Thanks also to the people who helped bring this project together, including:

Premier Bob McLeod
Former Commissioner of the NWT Tony Whitford
Former Commissioner of the NWT John Parker
Jake Ootes, Retired Territorial Politician
Department of Executive and Indigenous Affairs staff (Mike Aumond, Shaun Dean, Zoe Raemer, Leslie Straker, Roxane Poulin, Amber George, Carmen Moore, Krystal Pidborochyski, Andrew Livingstone, Charlotte Digness, Jennifer Lukas, Shawn Savoie, Adele Bisaillon, Chris Barrett)
Danielle Mager, Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
Department of Municipal and Community Affairs
Francophone Affairs Secretariat
Parallel Sixty Productions
Artless Collective
Alison McCreesh
Matt and Brittany Goud

Photos/video credits:
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
John and Helen Parker
North Slave Métis Alliance
City of Yellowknife
Sport North Federation
Jess Baumung
Vanessa Heins
Tessa MacIntosh
Angela Gzowski
Bill Braden

Anyone interested in sharing stories, memories or photos are invited to do so through the GNWT 50 Facebook page or by completing our simple website form.