Caron Paulovich [formerly Brewer]

As a recently separated single mom in 1968, I arrived in Yellowknife on a Wednesday, went job hunting on Thursday, scored a job interview for Friday and was told to report for work in the Steno Pool on Monday morning! I was interviewed and hired by Rosemary Scott [later Turner]. I remember her most encouraging words: “Come to work here, gain some of your confidence back.” I loved working in the Pool. I met some great friends and learned how the GNWT functioned. I was supervised by Barbara Wright and my first mentor was Bea Beaulieu. Then after three months I had to mentor a newcomer, Doris McPherson. From that Steno Pool there were ample opportunities to move on to clerical, typist and secretarial positions. I spent nearly 12 years working for the GNWT in various secretarial and clerical capacities and was ever thankful for the encouragement, support and excitement it brought to my life! There were so many opportunities for advancement within the government. When I first started out with GNWT, it was at the entry level typist position, then I advanced on to clerk-typist, then clerk-steno, then steno, then secretary, then executive secretary.  I did all of them, ending up Executive Secretary to Deputy Commissioner John H. Parker and providing back-up to Commissioner Hodgson’s office. It was truly a thrill of a lifetime as lots was happening in those days (1968-1979)! I am also so grateful to Rosemary, who GAVE ME HOPE!