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Moments and Milestones

A few of the milestones and memorable moments in the evolution of the Government of the Northwest Territories over the last fifty years.

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Your GNWT stories

  • Ian Legaree (Corky the Barge)

    Unique approaches were the mark of the NWT in the 1970s. The world’s only travelling pool, “Corky the Barge”, stopped at various communities on its annual summer voyage down the Mackenzie River in the early 70’s. During the frequent stops of this above ground pool constructed aboard a river barge, qualified instructors provided swimming and water safety instruction to local residents. The success of this program prompted the GNWT to design an above-ground pool suitable for northern conditions. These seasonal pools are now a common feature in many isolated northern [click for more]

  • Ian Butters

    I only became directly involved with Devolution in 2014, managing petroleum resources, but my father would be very proud of the list of all the jurisdictions the GNWT has taken on over the years. He entered politics in 1970 (and served in public office for 20 years) with the principle motivation and prime objective of doing just this… NWT residents governing themselves. Editor’s note: Ian’s father was Tom Butters. Tom served in the Legislative Assembly from 1970 to 1991. He was elected five times by the people of Inuvik and [click for more]

  • Delaney Poitras (Youth Ambassador program)

    My experience as a youth ambassador was amazing! I was happy to make new friends from all over the NWT. Because I was not able to play in the AWGs or Canada Games, I applied to be a youth ambassador and was still able to experience the games in a different way. Everything I had learned was very positive. To this day I am still friends with some of the other Ambassadors.

  • Brittany Goud

    My husband got a flat tire on the way to Yellowknife while driving up to our wedding and narrowly missed the last ferry of the day (our wedding was the next morning). When he got on the ferry, he got out of the truck to stretch his legs and our dog, Libby, put her paw on the lock button! It took a bunch of crew members to break into the truck. Then, my husband thought he’d have to sleep in the truck because that little gas station in Providence was [click for more]

  • Caron Paulovich [formerly Brewer]

    As a recently separated single mom in 1968, I arrived in Yellowknife on a Wednesday, went job hunting on Thursday, scored a job interview for Friday and was told to report for work in the Steno Pool on Monday morning! I was interviewed and hired by Rosemary Scott [later Turner]. I remember her most encouraging words: “Come to work here, gain some of your confidence back.” I loved working in the Pool. I met some great friends and learned how the GNWT functioned. I was supervised by Barbara Wright and [click for more]

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